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About us

Hawarden Happy Hounds is a purpose build doggy day care centre offering the ultimate in doggy day care.


Less than 20 minutes from the centre of Chester, located almost next door to the  Hawarden Industrial Park and Airbus factory we are easy to find.


So don't leave your dog at home all day, join the many other loving owners who bring their dog/s for a lovely day out at Hawarden Happy Hounds


As one owner recently said, her dog almost tears her arm off trying to get out of the car and through the outside gate and then runs full tilt to be let into the centre to join all her friends.


Your dog will have so much fun, interact with other dogs, get all the exercise they need but importantly have lots of time for simply chilling out.

And then you can collect you 'Happy Hound' after work, and take him/her home for tea. And you don't have to worry about their walks they will have had just the right amount of exercise, all you have to do is cuddle up on the sofa after your hard day at work., and their playing with their friends. 


Holiday boarding also offered, when mummy and daddy need that long earned holiday, please note we cannot take dogs unless up to date booster/injections also kennel cough (an airborne virus). And I ask customers provide the food, so to keep on same diet.

REMEMBER - Hawarden Happy Hounds also offer grooming facilities if required, or just that long well earned bath.

"Fantastic place, my dog has been going there since he was 13 weeks old and he absolutely loves it there and all the staff."

Jane M...

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